Practical Country Ideals with a Realistic View of the Court System

Working in the court system has given me a platform to put forth practical and honest views that have gained the respect of my colleagues and the trust of my community. I believe in mutual cooperation with all parties before me is the best way to provide our community with a successful court. I’m an optimistic, candid, and sincere person who believes the best way to help those in need is by working together for positive outcomes. Whether it be in the court or community, I’m always ready to serve and lead with positive results.

Service to Country and Community

In the Marines I learned the true meaning of the word service. I am one of two judicial officers who share the Veterans Court of Southern Indiana court docket where we work with veterans and the VA to get them back on track.

My sense of service doesn’t end with fellow veterans, as I volunteer for countless youth organizations and leagues from theatre, music, athletics and everything in between. My community is an extension of my family for which I’m always willing to help.

Organizations & Committees

Changing lives through involvement and action

  • Clark County Addiction Treatment and Support Program (CCATS)

    I started CCATS with the goal of helping individuals in prison or on their way to prison work towards recovery.

  • Veterans Court of Southern Indiana Court Docket

    I serve as one of two judicial officers working with veterans and the VA to provide necessary treatment and support to get back on track.

  • Southern Indiana Life Improvement Program

    Geared toward helping individuals in the community who don’t have the resources provided by the court system or probation supervision in an effort to keep them out of the criminal justice system.

Personal Life

I grew up in the small community of Charlestown, Indiana where everyone knows your name. After serving in the Marine Corps I returned to Charlestown to attend college at Indiana University Southeast and later attended Law School at Indian University - Indianapolis. I was always drawn back to Charlestown as a wonderful place to raise a family with my wife Tammy. Our three children Harrison, Sophia and Gracie love the community. It embodies the best of Indiana and the country we love.

I am truly blessed beyond measure, to be alive and have a wonderful family who love and support me and to have the opportunity to continue to serve the community that I love.